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I too encourage you to find a RELIABLE shop. Since I seem to move often, I have had trouble finding someone who is reliably honest. I have several times known exactly what was wrong with the car, and received a $1200 estimate for a $200 job, i.e. an exhaust pipe leak the shop insisted was my turbo. I ordered a pipe, had it put on, and my turbo magically got better. Ask other owners, call around, etc. There are things on the service intervals you can certainly do yourself, like examining the windshield wipers and tires, putting in an air filter, and so on. But, HAVE THOSE FLUID AND FILTER CHANGES done. If the big shop loves to make your car real pretty when you pick it up, but charges 30-40% more than the small shop, just remember your local car wash will do the same wash job for $8 or so.

Good Luck

R Talley
84 300D-T
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