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Thanks for the quick reply Larry!

Yesterday I had my friend check the charge with his guages (he is more familiar w/ A/C than I am). It registered as full. Also, there is a little green sticker under the hood that states my A/C system has been equipped with tracer dye. Does this mean that I will notice any possible leaks when I see the color of the dye around the A/C equip. (I don't see any dye)?

Where is the clutch in relation to the compressor and how do I check to see that it is engaging?

I getting more information about the OVP relay and I am finding that not only is it sometimes the freak cause of sudden A/C failure but also makes the cruise control malfunction which it has been for the past six months. I am going to open up the OVP rlay later today to see if I see any loose points in the elec. contacts.


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