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Originally Posted by dirtcurt View Post
This sounds very much like my noise except this is more advanced. Mine starts making the noise at about 1100rpm. At idle it does not make the noise. I so far think it's either a piston problem or injector pump/injector noise. The car has loads of power, very little blow by or oil consumption, and a smooth idle. I will be interested in what you find.
It's literally a 500 dollar car... so Im not going to go too deep into it. I'm just going to drive it. Everything seems to work, even the cruise control, I can live with the knock. You can't even hear it over the cars normally high noise at speed. I had the old starter sitting here, so it was free to rebuild. I also had the set of new glow plugs and the new valve cover gasket sitting here. So literally my total in this car is that 500 bucks. If the engine goes, I still have a wealth of parts for my other ones.

Running it into town now to get the plate on it. and going to drive it to Huntsville Al, which is about a 2.5 hour trip each way for me. Will be interesting to see how it does.
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