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Another R129 Roof Leak Topic

Yet another roof leak topic. I have searched for the subject in all forums, and my particular version of the question has not been answered... I'll go though the situation and ask the question, as I will be putting the hardtop on in a couple of weeks.

Situation: 1990 R129 500SL, which has never had any of the seal mods done.

Problem: There is a hardtop leak, a few inches behind the join with the A pillar, in heavy rain, on the right side only. With the soft top, there are never any leaks in any conditions.

Potenitial conclusion: I have looked at the MB documentation on the seal replacements. It seems to mainly concern the sealing around the windscreen. Given that there are never any soft top leaks, this cannot be the issue. The issue must be the seal at the top of the A pillar or nearby. The leak is very small indeed. The rubber on the roof side appears to be very good condition.

So... is the correct solution to use some sort of vaseline or silicone-type seal to improve the join? Should the rubber seal be replaced? Is there a way of increasing the pressure on the seal just on that side to get a better join? Other ideas? (It doesn't rain too much around here, so this is not a hugely big deal.)

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