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15 is the power feed from the ignition switch and TD is the run signal (and tachometer signal) from the igntion ECU. If you jump them you'll probably fry the ECU.

Try jumping 30 (permanent live feed from battery) to 87 which feeds to the pump(s) and heated lambda sensor - that's what happens inside the relay. If you want ignition switch control over the thing use 15 instead of 30 but that circuit is not designed to provide the current drawn by the pump(s) (that's one of the reasons for having a relay!). The wires to terminals 30 and 87 are 2.5mm whereas the wire at 15 is only 0.75mm.

Other terminals are

87v - feed to cold start valve
31 - ground
50 - feed from starter switch to run pump before engine running signal from ignition takes over
TF - not sure, it is connected to the fuel ECU
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