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Originally Posted by ngarover View Post
I've come to determine that the noise is loudest in the front of the engine, piston 1. I pulled off the valve cover again to take a closer look. There appears to be a fine "sand of metal shavings mixed in with the residue oil in the cover. My best guess here it that although this engine is performing well, not smoking, and seems to have plenty of power that there is an issue with piston 1.
Your sound is exactly one-half engine idle speed. So, the noise is probably restricted to the camshaft or the injection sequence.

The noise is a metallic tap, therefore I'd discount the injectors as the source.

I'd take a closer look at the camshaft and lifters before doing anything else to the engine. It would be hard to condemn the #1 piston if the noise is not repeating at engine speed. It could, of course, be contacting a valve...........which might become obvious if the valves are way out of adjustment.
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