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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
Your sound is exactly one-half engine idle speed. So, the noise is probably restricted to the camshaft or the injection sequence.

The noise is a metallic tap, therefore I'd discount the injectors as the source.

I'd take a closer look at the camshaft and lifters before doing anything else to the engine. It would be hard to condemn the #1 piston if the noise is not repeating at engine speed. It could, of course, be contacting a valve...........which might become obvious if the valves are way out of adjustment.
First thing I did was go in and adjust the valves thinking the same thing. no change. cracking each injector made no difference, except to show me that each was working fine.

The fine sandy texture of metallic particles i'm seeing in the valve cover does lead me to believe that whatever is the problem is causing a good amount of engine wear someplace. I think the best approach is to locate a good donor engine and swap. Then, I can take this engine and tear into it and see what the real story was.

Someone around me should have a good motor sitting in a crappy rusted out car, plus I could use some other parts off one, like a piece of rear quarter glass for the the back passenger door...

If I get into the engine and find It's a simple fix at that point, then I have a spare

What does get me is that even with this noise and the particles, the engines is not smoking and is showing very little blow by.

Is there any way for me to check the timing chain without having that special tool? if not, is there a place to get that tool cheap? maybe even used? Since I'm up to 4 of these right now maybe it would be time to start tooling up for them.

Also, does anyone offer a rebuild kit? whats the best approach to a rebuild? Some of the rebuild numbers I have seen on here seem way out of line with the value of the car.
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