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Originally Posted by ngarover View Post
The fine sandy texture of metallic particles i'm seeing in the valve cover does lead me to believe that whatever is the problem is causing a good amount of engine wear someplace. I think the best approach is to locate a good donor engine and swap. Then, I can take this engine and tear into it and see what the real story was.

What does get me is that even with this noise and the particles, the engines is not smoking and is showing very little blow by.
You find metallic particles under the valve cover, presumably caused by the camshaft and/or lifters and you have determined that you want to "tear into it" to locate a problem inside the cylinders?

I've already told you that the tapping is exactly one-half engine speed.........thereby directing your efforts toward the camshaft or the injection system. You've properly ruled out the injection system.

You're baffled by the fact that the engine runs well with no smoke and little blowby although the engine is trying to tell you that its cylinders are fine and the issue is with the valve train in some fashion.

You remind me of most doctors who tell you your problem before the exam is complete and a careful analysis of the tests and symptoms is performed.
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