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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
The point of the gauge is to confirm or deny the data obtained from alignment of the marks. We don't believe the data from the marks is accurate because the engine won't run with the camshaft so far out of time with the crankshaft.

If you proceed with this approach, based solely upon your data from the marks, you're probably going to get into the "epic fail" mode........whereby return is almost impossible.

Hmmm............two hours of discussion and measurement and you could have swapped an entire engine............damn, you're're very good.
LOL... no, I've been playing with this since Saturday....

My questions then is this... The cam pulley is keyed to the camshaft right? So it can only go on one way. That means if I hold the chain in place, remove the cam pulley from the cam, remove the chain from it, while having the damper on the crank sitting at the zero mark, and rotate both the cam and the cam socket so they are alined with the timing marks, then mark that point and put the timing chain back on I should be relatively close to being at the correct time shouldn't I? I asked 4 different tool places in town while away, none of them had the gauge or even had a clue what I was talking about as far as looking one up... where would I get this gauge?
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