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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
If you proceed with this approach, based solely upon your data from the marks, you're probably going to get into the "epic fail" mode........whereby return is almost impossible.

Brian wrote that. Seems like a pretty clear warning to me.
He also wrote

"The camshaft cannot be out by the amount indicated or the valves would hit the pistons on one of the strokes.

Apparently, some moron was involved with this engine and, therefore, all bets are off as to what was done.

You really don't have much choice but to procure the equipment to measure the chain via the 2mm valve lift method as indicted from the beginning of the procedure."

The first sentence pretty much states exactly what the engine was currently doing... so one would think, ok, so the engines knocking like a pistons hitting a valve, and it says that the timing being off by that much could cause that, so that might be the issue here and by fixing it maybe the knock will lessen or go away.

Without access to the tool described I did what I could to the a best guess and was wrong. Got it. I don't see anyone offering up a link to said tool in the first place... I did go into town and asked 4 different places for something like the gauge I needed. no go and no clue.

Theres an 83 sitting in a field about 2 miles from me. maybe I could pull off it's upper and try again.
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