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M103 EHA/Lambda Adjustment HELP

I think I've narrowed down the problem to either the EHA or Lambda adjustment (or both). I unplugged the EHA and the car ran hesitation, power, exhaust didn't smell so strong. Friend helped me test the Voltage to the #3 pin. With the EHA unplugged the reading was 1.7. With the EHA plugged it read 6.9. I tried adjusting the lambda both ways (push down, turn) and it didn't change the reading at all.

The 02 sensor is new, and I've replaced every sensor I can tell MIGHT have something to do with this. In the next couple of days I'm getting a meter that does duty cycle.

Does this sound like the EHA out? I'm more than willing to replace it if this hesitation will STOP...

Thanks for ANY ideas!!!
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