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$677 poorer

My check engine light came on over the weeked, and that prompted me to take my car in for a 60k mile service. I've been meaning to, but the check engine light gave it a sense of urgency. (The car was running fine when light came on.) I called around and decided to go to this place only because it was near my home and I've been there before. Here is what was done to my car:

1990 190E 2.6

60k mile service
1. Transmission fluid change (6qts US)
2. Oil change 20W50 (7qts US)
3. Change coolant
4. Change brake fluid
5. Change rear differential (3qts US)
6. New air filter
7. New fuel filter
8. New thermostat
9. New O2 sensor (the most $$$ part)
10. New power steering filter/kit
11. Check engine light reset
12. Tires balanced
13. Six new spark plugs
14. Tire rotation
15. Lubrication of all door, hood, and trunk latches

The check engine light turned out to be something related to minor emission stuff. They reset it and said it's okay. I decided to replace the O2 sensor anyway. The tire balanced came as a pleasant surprise. I noticed that they rebalanced this one tire that some monkeys at Goodyear had some problems with before. The service took about 4 hours! Some place told me it would take a whole day. By the way, any way I can find out if they actually performed a radiater and brake fluid flush? All I can tell is that the brake fluid in the resevoir looks clearer and fresher. Something that irritated me a little was that the tech peeled away a large patch of the black paint on the...I don't know the part name, but it's the rectangular piece that has the M-B star and is where the oil cap is located (valve cover?). Before, there were some spots where the paint had "bubbled" and cracked a little. Now, there is this huge, uneven patch of bare metal. I guess the tech was trying to clean the paint off but got frustrated at some spots and just gave up. I believe this was done when the piece was removed from the engine. The valve gasket is still good. I don't know if I should get engine paint and touch it up. Anyone tried that before? Anyway, overall, the car seems to run and sound the same, but I have some more confidence in flogging it on the streets now. Everything is fresh and new.

So, the big question: Did I get ripped off?

$677 is a lot of money!
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