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Question Car stalled this morning while on the road!

The car is a 1990 190E and just received a 60k mile service. Today while I was at an intersection where I had to yield, my car stalled as I was inching forward. It totally surprised me as it had never done this before. Well, maybe once or twice in the past, but only when I start the car and it dies in P mode, but never in D mode. Anyhow, I started the car and it fired right up--normal as ever. This has never happened before. The car has always ran well. And after this major service it still runs well. I can't say that I notice any major difference after the service, but at least it still sounds and runs the same (i.e., GOOD). The stalling has not happened since that incident. The car runs great. Can someone tell me what happened and should I worry? Thanks.
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