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Ok, here is the deal with the warrenty. Whatevery you modify, the warreny for that item goes out the window. If you put a chip in, the whole engine warrenty is gone (thus I don't recomend it). You could get away with an intake if you like by taking it off and putting back the airbox every time you take the car in for major service (thats what a friend does with his Gti) as they usually take about a half an hour or less to put on or take off (I believe this is the same with mercedes but I don't know). muffler and exhaust systems only void the warrenty for the the exhaust system after car as long as you don't mess with anything to do with the cat and after. Suspension voids your warrenty on the suspension, etc..... It's pretty simple and most euro companies are like this. The chip is not a good idea though, a mechanic I talked to highly told me not to even touch the box until at least I am out of warrenty. Intake I don't know specifically, but the rule is the engine is still covered as long as the mod does not cause the problem that you wan't fixed under warrenty. Hope this helps a little. Hey what ever happened to the amp and spoiler, you would never email me?
see ya
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