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I guess one advantage of having this fuel problem and not driving the car is that it is getting to be a LOW mileage car. It's been sitting a lot. 1K miles in about 3-4 months.

I will get the meter from Larry hopefully today. I have to be up in that part of the city this afternoon.

Thanks for all the instructions...I may go to the dealer and buy one of those harnesses this afternoon. I REALLY appreciate the instructions on checking the EHA and the lambda. I drove it this morning with the EHA powered. It is driving better than it did before I started all this, but it's apparant that it's running quite rich.

Paul, you spoke of the vehicle's harness. I know where the plug is for the EHA, but where is the other harness? Will it be apparant when I start fishing around under there? Also, I assume I use the extra plug shown for testing?

I'll post results this evening. I'm ready to put some miles on this car (and get more than 10-12 MPG)!
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