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[QUOTE=Zacharias;2777469]I commend your creativity.

But why not just order a new master key from the dealer?[/QUOTE]

Part of it is procrastination; part cost wise it is better go get the Ignition Lock Tumble with it and I do not need an Ignition Tumbler yet.

The Local Mercedes of Long Beach does not have good reviews on the internet so I have never been there.

Also apparently different Mercedes Dealers sell the Cut Keys and Tumbler set for different prices.

So we are back to lack of convince + unknow cost = procrastination.

The job took me less than 20 minutes and I had to find where I put the wire and the Drill Motor.

Since I was taking pics I decided to start the trouble shooting. So far know the IP Shutoff circuit is not the cause of the leak.

I have the Green with Red Strip (Climate Control) Tubing un-plugged and the Vacuum Source Plugged off.

If I go out and still have Vacuum to operate the locks it must be the Climate Control that has a leak but I have not tested it yet.

Will not go any further testing to day than to reconnect the Climate Control Tubing if it is not the problem.
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