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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Well I am going to tuck the Wire under the Rear Deck Carpet so it cannot be seen.

I cannot turn my Trunk Lock at all because I have no Key so it always stays were it is.

(I removed the Trunk Tumbler assembly thinking I could go inside and re-pin the lock as I have done on some other Locks. But it is built like a Vault; no way I could see to take it apart. A new Trunk Tumbler Assembly with a generic coded Key is $165.)

Obviously the idea for the Manual Pull Cable is not new and infact I read about it here on the Forum several years ago (and I should have installed one back then but did not).
I just figured it needed some pictures.

I wonder what the parts for the Factory one for the 1985 costs.

Not as critical because I always try to fill up before my Tank gets 1/2 empty and the Car seldom goes further than a 10 mile trip; but how would someone get the cover open to fill the Fuel Tank if the Vacuum is not working?
I thought the filler flap was spring loaded to open, but some diagrams show an open and a close line and some people say they've got two lines for the filler door. My '83 only had a "close" line on the filler door: no vac on the close circuit = it sprung open. Years and VIN series may differ.

If your trunk is original, you should just be able to order a new key from the VIN, not a whole new tumbler. That may be what, $15-20? If they can cut a tumbler and a key, why not just a key? The ignition + key was around $100, I've heard it's higher now and your dealer may be pricier.

By "valet" you mean round head? The square is the master, the round is valet for all but trunk and glove box. Two squares probably means old master for doors, new ignition and maybe a busted trunk lock? Maybe try the valet in the glovebox and see what happens.
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