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the 320 wagon we bought 2 months ago had Pagid pads with ATE discs, with routine wear, only 1/3 worn. they screeched like crazy, not squealed, screeched; yikes, what a nightmare, ear-piercing!

I switched to PBR pads and ATE Powerdisc grooved rotors bought via FastLane. Ooh, the peace and quiet. how nice. and yes I applied the paste before, but it didn't help.

My guess is that the verticle groove down the center of the Pagid Pad created a harmonic under just the right pressure, which was at about 2 mph, crawling in traffic, just before full pressure for a complete stop. But that's just a guess. What a racket.

PBR are also very low dust, we have them on our BMW, they stop really well, are quiet and are indeed amazingly dust free.
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