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Originally Posted by funola View Post
Also choke cables on lawn mowers. If these are too short, hood release cables, especially on big old American cars for the longer ones.
A few years ago they were still selling generic Choke Cables for Cars and Trucks that would be longer than a Law Mower Cable. Try eBay.
You can buy the components for Bicycle Cables including the outer Tubing/sheath.

So there is a lot of ways it could be done and a lot of improvements that could be made.

It would be nice to have the Electric Solenoid that someone suggested but I am not sure that the Trunk would actually pop open. On mine the Trunk Lid jus sits there it does not move up any.

That means if you released the switch the Solenoid would return the Latch to the locked position and you could not open the Trunk.
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