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Daniel Pawlata
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Hi every one!

I had a problem with transmission on my '88 300 CE for about a year which finally refused shifting out of 2nd gear completely.
I tried looking for used one, but most of them had over 140K miles and with shipping would cost me about $1200 + $600 for installation. PartsShop had a good deal, but I did not have a confidence in the local shop I usally use for this big of a job.
Mercedes dealer gave me I think the best deal. I guess the mercedes rate went up to $108 per hour. The invoice shows 10 hours of labor for $1085.60 + $1700 for transmission. I also had them change a brake fluid and flush cooling system both for $280. On my request they checked all vacuum hoses and said that there is no evident problem at this time. They also included loaner car for 7 days (2000, Toyota Avalon LCS) FOR NO CHARGE!!! Next thing I am planning to fix is a oil leak from Head gasket in back of the engine. What is the right price to do that? At the same mercedes dealer two different service advisors quoted me two different prices?! Week ago one quoted me $1600 and today I got a quot for $2100. I will call tomorrow to two more dealers to see what is going on?!!Don't all mercedes dealers use same price lists? What else can change while the engine head is off and how much can I expect to pay?
Thanks for any advice and for any body who needs a new trany I strongly recommend going to the mercedes dealer. They have competitive prices and probably better service and warrenty then anybody else (2 years or 24,000 K)

Thanks Benzmac for that advice a month ago, I think it was warth it!

'88 300 CE, SIGNAL RED
with 18" Carlson
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