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Thanks for the feedback!

John S, the article doesn’t specify other than newer transmissions with a lifetime fill, so I guess that’s the .5. Stu’s comments, in part are: “We stick to the 30,000 mile change, but synthetic oil is no excuse for extending change intervals. It is an excuse for disaster. One of our mechanics became a shop foreman at a large Mercedes-Benz dealer. He tells tails about sealed transmissions reaching 70,000 or 75,000 miles; when the pull the pans, the stuff that comes out is unbelievable”

So I have to guess that there is no harm other than cost by changing it earlier. Based on the above, I guess it can easily be put off until around 40K miles... Or.....

Dale, thanks! I’d love a garage with a lift, too! I saw an add for a lift for about 2500, only problem is raising the ceiling enough to permit it to work!

John, not that I would suggest the following, but if the transmission fluid were to get unusually low for some reason...... On the other hand, how often have you changed the fluid in the transmission? Think that more frequent changes would have made a difference??

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