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Transmission weirdness.

89 560 sl 201,000 miles.
Last PM driving home, just finished a thought about how nice this car drove, high mileage and all, when after coming to a stop sign, The car seemed to slip our of gear. I mean, I could go, but to get any speed at all, I had to rev it up, like it was slipping or something. tried manually shifting but no progress-was able to limp to my destination.

Car sat for an hour, I started it up and it drove just fine-like nothing happened. Same thing this morning, drove fine, made it to the auto place-fluid was low-added fluid and drove off.

Did I get lucky and the low fluid caused it to act up or is it just a big problem waiting for the right moment? My search turned up something about a b2 piston. Is this related?


J. Boggs
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