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**new Business: Available To All My Friends On The Forum!!!!

Hey, people:

I took the big plunge. turned 50, and just left my 20-years' work doing immigration law here in South Florida.

I have always wanted to do something with my life that I: 1. love; and 2. can make some living at.

So..........I am now scouting, buying, and selling vintage and special-interest MB's. Some of this will be on a semi-consignment basis, or locating/matching buyers and sellers. I expect to (and want to) travel to take picture/photos, and enjoy along the way, as well.

If anyone's interested in my locating a particular model for them, or selling theirs, perhaps we can work out a suitable fee.

Or iuf you just want to share my experiences with you - which I will do on a daily journal basis, e-mail me or call Bob Boyer at: 954-483-1339.

thanks. Bob.

PS: When working, I was known on the Forum as Robert/Bob Boyer, and was listed as a senior member. Now I have a different sign-in, but I'm not all that green!!
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