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Gas mileage on w126

I am thinking of buying a 126 as my daily driver and would like to know what real life fuel mileage I might expect. My daily round trip commute is about 120 miles so I need comfort but don't want 15 to 18 mpg, but 22 to 25 would be OK. I know this rules out a 560SEL and proububly a 420SE/SEL. I am guessing that a 300SE or better yet a 300SD would meet my needs but what mileage could I expect from a 380SE. I see alot of low mileage well maintained 380SE/SEL's for sale at good prices but have no idea what to expext as gas mileage. I know the mechanical differences between each model such as early 380's with single row timing chain.

Any advice or MPG info would be greatly appreciated... Thanks

88 560SL
97 E320
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