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The seats in my 126 SD are blue MB-Tex and the surface is in very good condition, no rips or tears. They do, however, "sag" in the front of the bottom seat cushion. The passenger seat "tips" the passenger's butt toward the outside of the car. The driver's cushion could use more height in the front of the bottom cushion.

I have to have the front of this cushion all the way up and the back all the way down in order to have a reasonably comfortable driving position. When I last vacuumed the car, there was quite a bit of a beige colored powder under the seats, which I assume is the cushion material itself degrading.

I've never seen addressed in this forum the issue of seat repair, and my local independent shop didn't really seem eager to do this type of work with a 300D I owned a couple years ago that had a similar seat problem.

I'm figuring I need a new seat frame and cushion for all of my seats, or am I missing something?
I recall reading of people "jury-rigging" the springs with coat hanger wire and the like, but I'm not leery of ripping my seats apart, not having any experience in this area, and my SD is my daily driver. Am I better off buying other 126 seats in "better" shape? My seat memory doesn't work, but this was addressed in another recent post.
Any insights appreciated; thanks,

Robert W. Roe
1984 300SD 169K mi

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