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Unhappy Strange ABS problem on '88 300TE.....

Hey all,

Been a while since I've posted, but I've come to a problem that has me stumped. The ABS will activate (pedal pulsation) on my wife's 300TE ONLY after start-up and until you get to approx. 10 mph. After you exceed 10 mph the brakes work just fine and the problem won't recur until the car is shut off and restarted.

When this pulsation happens, the ABS unit groans loudly and the brake pedal drops, requiring more pressure to stop. Go over 10 mph, though, and the problem is gone, even when coming to a complete stop again. What the **&%( is going on here? I cleaned the abs sensors at both front wheels with no effect.

Any ideas?? New sensors? New computer (gasp!)? Buy a Toyota (just kidding!)?

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