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Robert, on mine the bottom of the seat spring assembly has a groove running around the edge. The bottom edge of the seat cover folds securely over the edge of that groove, and is held into place with a stiffner intregal to the bottom of the covers edge. The trick is to place seat upside down, and press to relieve the spring tension (wasn't much left on mine) on the cover, and then work the bottom of the cover out of the channel. I used a cedar door shim. Putting the cover back on with the new spring box, and pad took a bit more effort, since the tension was greater. 'Might help to have an extra pair of hands at the ready, but I did it solo. I followed the procedure in the service manual to physically remove the seat from the car. Remember, it's a Benz so the seat is heavier than #&%!! They show a special tool to unhook the height adjust spring, but I used a hook fashioned from an old tomato cage. It's nice to not drive around at a 7 degree angle anymore...

'78 300D
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