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Typically the OVP won't keep the car from running "at all", just keep it from running correctly. It will run in a so-called emergency running mode.
Fuel pump or relay would be a possible cause if you know it is not running due to no fuel pressure. You could check this but removeing the fuel supply hose from the fuel distributor. If there were no fuel present (or you can't hear the pump running) you can try jumping the appropriate 2 pins at the MAS relay for power in to the relay and power out to the pump. If the engine runs by jumping these 2 sockets (and you prefer to diagnose via parts substitution) then a new MAS relay may be the "silver bullet".
If fuel supply seems adequate, then spark would seem to be the next area of concern. Hopefully you have enough knowledge to do a quick check for spark. If there is no spark, a coil could have suddenly died, or another possiblity is that the driver that screws down to the front of the canshaft that the ignition rotor screws on to could have cracked. They can run for an indefinite amount of time with the rotor cracked off this "bracket" as it is called. Until the rotor and broken piece of bracket turn enough that the rotor doesn't index with the proper area of the ignition cap any longer.

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