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holder was broken

1. OK we went down to the speed sensor and take a closer look then try to take it out from the trans.

2. Upon doing so it was notice that the two finger thingy holding the unit had broken so the whole assembly was not seated properly. What we did was try to push the unit back down in its proper seat and I hear it engage, also the o-ring might have help with the sealing.

3. Took it for a test drive and it works! Also got no warning lights engine or tranny. I think all this is connected electronically. Then we drove it a long distance for two hours with speeds between 80-110 (this is the UK). Would have gone faster but the tires were not 100%. There were no problems what so ever. This definitely calls for bragging rights…

4. Well I told my neighbor if it works just leave it like this, if the unit happened to pop out then we’ll push it back down like this time. I think they can live with it like this because a new unit is about 130 pounds sterling!

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