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Anyone heard of this???

I just bought a 1988 300E with 81K from my brother, who has owned it for 3 years with no problems.
Drove the car home from his place, took the key out, went in for the night.
This morning I start the car, realize I need to go back inside, and whoa....I CAN'T GET THE KEY OUT OF THE IGNITION!!!!! Engines on, and I can't shut it down. (I'm sort've waiting for the bomb blast if you can imagine!)
Try as I might, that thing wouldn't budge in either direction!
I called the nearest dealer, and after looking at it, they said I need a new ignition block. Total with labor: $650.
I still am not sure if they got the engine to shut off or just let the bugger run out of gas.
So...anyone had a similar experience? or heard of one? EVER?
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