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Exclamation EGR - Check Engine Light

I am having a similar problem. I changed my EGR valve when the diagnostics revealed the code for EGR fault and the light disappeared for about one month. At that time, the diagnostics also showed a faulty brake light switch. The mechanic promptly dismissed that code since the the brake lights work correctly and I also thought that brake lights has nothing to do with emission control. When the light came back after one month, I took the car back and sure enough the only code revealed this time was the brake light switch. The mechanic cleared the light by resetting. It is now two months since I changed the EGR valve and the light came back last week, was reset about three days ago and came back again today. I have decided to change the stop light switch since it is just $14.50, and observe what happens afterward. I am not gravely concerned since the car runs great, this is just a nuisance. I hope to change the switch this weekend. I read somewhere in this forum or another that it is located in the mounting bracket under the pedal. Since you have pretty much changed everything EGR, you might as well change this switch before the wiring harness. I am more convinced now that you mentioned it happens when you press the brake at stop light. The only thing I have not tried is cleaning the EGR tube. I will not do that until the light shows after I change the brake light switch.

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