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Unhappy fuel pump relay jimmy rig aftermath

hello all,

my 1985 190e 2.3 8v started giving me problems about this time last year. while driving on the highway doing about 55mph the engine would almost die.

eventually it did and would only start up & run for about 5 seconds.

recently i pushed it out of the garage and began to troubleshoot. reading the post here i came to the conclusion that it was the feul pump relay.

i jumped the pins on the relay and bada bing it started.
now my problem is that it runs really bad.

I cannot accelerate to fast or it will bog down.

could this be due to the relay rig? is this just a temp fix to get the car home?

the car was running fine pryor to the relay malfunction.
thanks for read my rather post.

1985 190e 2.3 8v

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