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400 E electrical problem?

An odd problem showed up right after a service on my 93 400E. Had the Oil changed and a "safety Check".

When I went in for service two warning lights were on: 1) Low windsheild washer fluid and 2) External bulb problem.

After service: 1) Both the lights were out and now 2) The seatbelt warning lights flash all the time and 3) The radio is dead.
I did find that if I push the power button and hold it for about 8 - 10 seconds that a "code" will apear; E 2, but that is all the life I can get.

I have gone through the fuses, and they all seem to be OK. Is there one in particular that I should check? replace?

I don't know that the problem was due to something done during the service, but it started immediately. Dealer can't think of any reason for that to happen, so "bring it in"

Anybody seen anything like this before?
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