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Hi Robert A blocked EGR tube will NOT cause the engine to idle roughly. If the EGR valve is stuck OPEN it will cause rough running. I'm not too surprised to hear that you've had multiple CE lights though. I've seen o2 sensors, MAF sensors, ignition suppressors, purge valves, assorted vacuum leaks, transmission upshift delay elements, wiring harnesses, etc. cause CE lights on cars like yours. The good news is that 99.9% of all CE lights are EASY to diagnose by any competent MB tech. Following any repair, the vehicle can be road-tested and the repair verified by re-checking the system with the same computer used to check for codes in the first place. Depending on the code and the repair, the tech should know under what conditions to drive the vehicle so that the OBD system performs the req'd self-test for the particular repair that was made. I know it sounds complicated but to an experienced tech it's a piece of cake. Good luck
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