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My 83' 500sl seems reluctant to downshift under power so, I've been reading the posts regarding this behavior. The car seems to shift from 4th to 3rd normally, if I peg the throttle I can feel the kickdown switch depress and I will get 3rd but, I never under any circumstances (except shifting it myself) get 2nd. I've even taken the carpeting and padding out to make sure this had no affect. I saw the post with this symptom that had a pinched wire to the switch, I can see the connection to the switch but that is all, the floor seems to be covered with a hard rubberized material, unless this is something that has deteriated. I also saw the post on the kickdown/Bowden cable, is this relevant to this car. Does it have a Bowden cable?. I don't think there is a transmission problem. I have the 107 CD, should I start digging?


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