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Just sold my 1996 Passat TDI with 274k miles cause i found this sweet 1982 240d. I still own a 2001 Beetle TDI 5-speed & 2006 Jetta TDI DSG automatic.
They get great mileage! but agree with the others that the fit and finish of these VW's are not what our Mercedes are. I enjoy them. And will buy another one simply because i wanna hot-rod one and still get 40mpg :-)
The 06 gets about 38mpg with the new type automatic (not the problematic one's of 1999-2003ish). The Beetle gets 48mpg and as high as 58 when driven painfully slow with no AC. The Passat avg was 46mpg with 49.8mpg as my highest tank. And the 96-97 Passats had the largest tanks. I'd average 900 miles per tank. I loved that! I hate the wax feeling coating they put on the interior plastic parts that makes them look like crap! I did have to put a camshaft into the 06 but that is a known issue and i paid a very discounted price buying the car due to this issue. Had two power window issues which was broken wires. And OH YEA lets not for get the foam coming out of the vents!!! I sold mine before the repair was done but they say the foam is covering the blend door for the ac/heat in the dash. You have to take apart the whole dash for this repair!! Can't remember if you loose your heat or AC or both due to this!!??!! The ones i had did not have any more mechanical issues than the Honda's or Toyota's from my past.
But over all I like them if they are 5-speed!
Oh yea the opinion is N E V E R take it to the stealership...eeerrrrr dealership!!! (at least from what i've heard) There are plenty of TDI specific repair shops who will KNOW how to repair or maintain your older TDI's and know of specific issues with each model. And the website is very informative like on the forums!
Good luck!

2006 Jetta TDI DSG 320k miles
1997 Ford F150 325k miles 4.2L V6 "Work Truck"
2008 Tundra 225k miles 5.7L
1982 240D.....sold
1984 300D...Totaled OUCH!
1985 300D Turbo 222k miles "Dos" sold to 79Mercy
1986 300SDL 98K miles "The Beater"....sold
1987 190E 2.3 16v Euro spec 115K miles....sold
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