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Is the dealer ripping me off?

Perhaps a strong headline, but here's the deal:
My 1995 E320 wagon suddenly died. No headlamps, power doorlocks not working, some warning lights in instrument cluster partially illuminated. Dome light flickering, along with chattering noise in box behind fuse box under hood.
Jump starting car worked. Switch engine off after 20min drive and car dead again. In all cases car may be jump started and driven fine, but switching off engine meant that it could not be restarted without jump. Chattering in box continuing. Clearly battery not accepting charge and registering 10Volts.
Chattering sounds a lot like a relay-overvoltage?
Took it to the stealer.
Stealer said that they have to put in a new battery at my cost before further diagnostics. Sounds like a rip off to me:
1- Are they unable to diagnose the electrical system without having to sell me a new battery? Ie, do they not have one in the service dept they can use or perhaps a DC voltage source in lieu?
2 - The electrical system may be killing an otherwise fine battery, especially given that it is not being charged at all
3- Would they sell a new battery to a customer who was towed in because he unwitting left on a power consumer and killed the battery?
Guess I am surprised that they cannot diagnose the cause of the car not starting without first selling me a battery?? I counld understand if they tested the electricals and the battery and concluded that the battery was just knackered. In such a case Id just spring for a new one. But mine might be ok!
Whaddya think?
Thanks in advance
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