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OK, somebody enlighten me : " I was not happy with temps exceeding 100C." Well, if the car is designed to run up to 105 or 110C (like my diesel), let it!!!! Why second guess the engineers??? No offense, but I think a single engineer (or a team) from the MB R&D knows more about the car he/they designed then all of the members of this site put together. I think your "prejudice" is rearing it's ugly (or at least expensive) head here. "Other cars do run like this, so MB should too." Why???
Somehow, I trust 50 years of German engineering (although I do not like Krauts - they killed over 6 million of my countrymen and that is hard to forget. By the way, I'm Polish, not Jewish).

If MBs suppose to run like that-let them. They were meant to do so by people WAY smarter than us. Otherwise, just buy a rice-rocket.

By the way, this statement is in now way inteded to offend anyone, and if it did - I appologize.
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