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dealer installed rebuilt tranny & warranty

i have had this "undershifting" problem since i got my car last year and have had it diagnosed at the local MB indy as being a valve body problem. it never reaches redline at WOT, slow by about 1k rpm and its downshifting is always a guess. steve b and others have expressed a similar opinion that it is probably a valve body problem way before i brought it in. VB replacement does not guarantee that it will be fixed - there is a potential problem that adjustments may need to be made which is a PITA because it requires the tranny to be drained then refilled after the adjustment. this makes me wary about having the service done because of this possibility.

the thing is i have about 30k and 3 yrs on a rebuilt tranny installed by the dealership under warranty(from PO's records). i assume that MB rebuilt tranny's have some sort of warranty on them. a post i read said 5 / 50k which sounds unlikely but it made me think about bringing it to the local dealership if it were true. if anyone has specific information about warranty coverage etc., it would be most welcome...
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