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Originally Posted by EDBSO View Post
Don't know about the temperature thing.
My MPGs are all over the place with city and highway. I am not a right lane driver, I like 8 to 10 miles per hour over the limit. I Have done some aero mods and others to come.

That's really cool! I will need to wait until I have the car to look further into aero mods. That will be fun to play with. If there are no technical issues to bumping up the operating temperature I would think I may see another couple MPG increase from just that change.

Some things that I will need to consider when changing operating temps:

-Transmission operates at the same temp(or really close) as the engine-
-the turbo OM606 may not have piston skirt oil nozzles/jets
-not sure how sensitive to oil viscosity these engines are
-not sure exactly how the piston rings will be affected(how much tighter they will get) by the slight temp increase
-cooling system components that are in marginal condition may leak or fail due to the higher pressures/temps. Will need to weed these out.
-clutch operated cooling fan would be engaged most of the time-may need a work around for this(electric fan?)


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