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Angry AHHH! Fuel Problems on my 84 500sec!!!!

Well, Im kinda lost for what to do... i was driving along in my SEC yesterday, running about 45mph and the engine simply dies. I pull it off the road and get it towed home, this morning i test to see if there is any voltage at the fuel pump, there wasnt!(of course i got someone to try starting it as i looked at the voltmeter) and yes there is spark, i found that out after a might shock. Anyway, about a month ago, i got ready to start it, and it wouldnt hit, im guessing it was the same problem, however i just let the car sit, tried to start it the next morning and it fired right up. So im guessing i have an intermittent problem with the fuel pump....could it be the relay? if so which one is it? how do i check?

i would appreciate any advice you could give

Thanks Scott
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