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The misadventures of a rednecks front yard FINAL crush date changes... aargh!


PM me for info on stuff, but I"ve gotta get 20 some MB's and 20 some other cars out of my property this month.
PICS before/during
pics after!
I'll put a list up soon, on the for sale section, but if it's possible for members to come out and do a strip party, I've got a LOT of things that need moving.

so far, only a few parts pullers have arrived...
come on everybody! I gots LOTS of cars that need dissassembly!

the city is going to make me hire a wrecker and haul them to the CRUSHER!!!
I don't want that. I want parts stored in my garage, or picked up by you members.

OK, I've updated my USERCP to allow emails from members.
I created a junk email account specifically for this kind of thing, so eveybody please use the email link now.
I just cannot keep up with the PM folder with moderator requests and parts/car/schedule stuff. thanks!


1978 300D blown head gasket, parked since 96 creme interior, servo was replaced... radiator leaks I think, rotors removed but available... I think. Ivory paint

1978 240D TOTAL RUST BUCKET marginal interior, all glass and window mechanisims reserved for my euro 300...GONE

1980 silver wagon, engine never started, could be good... all 4 window regulators are bad, and windows have been open for quite some time. interior pretty good shape, palomino no third row, missing passenger's front fender. GONE

1982 SD ivory/palomino leather... overheats. likely bad head gasket... shifts and starts well. we could swap engine from 83 silver into it this weekend. or you can trailer and replace gasket at your own home. it does drive well, but gets hot on hills, or at idle... holes in tstat non effective... GONE

1983 240D auto ivory/palomino, battery tray rust. no other. all manual windows, have issues. glass good.GONE

1983 SD 185K new B2 piston, but oring leaked, and needs replacement, no forward gears at this time. also, cheap laquer repaint cracking all around. sand marks visible in aluminum panels... dark green. no rust to speak of. center console removed speedometer removed, engine nearly pristine. DRIVE TRAIN GONE

1983 mildly rearended SD rear window cut out. most interior and body parts removed, but available. gray paint, gray tex interior mostly pulled out already. sunroof did work when parked, no promises. trans filled with water, and seized. DRIVE TRAIN GONE

1984 300D dark gray, manual from 240 with 240 flywheel installed, but no shifter or driveshaft or pedals yet installed. MOVED SAFELY

1985 EURO non federalized TD blown head, cracked bad. outer rust in sheetmetal areas minor, but all corners affected. nothing structural I can see. sanden a/c square headlights. front bumper has dings, rear perfect, including reverse lights.

1985 300D no drive train in car, but headless engine and transmission in garage, radiators removed, monovalve removed passenger's brake light pushed in, and slight wrinkle in c pillar. dark brown paint, palomino tex GONE

1990 300E 2.6 seriously crushed passenger's fender/ control arm etc. windshield crushed. gold with creme interior. MOVED safely

1993 300D Black w Black leather interior. driver's visor gone... timing chain broken cam broken several lifters broken... no doors or hood/trunk lids.

1995 E320TE front and passenger's side serious road hash. diff seal leaks from chain link fence wrapped around at speed. wiring harness removed, and transmission, and radio. interior reserved for MY TD all else up for grabs. white GONE


1987 300D white/palomino tex cat and alda removed. power steering hose bad. otherwise perfect. GONE

1984 euro 240D white/red euro cloth interior small rust hole in driver's cpiller below rear window. and cracked cam. likely piston contact... cam and chain still in time...
5 speed...

84 300D euro 4 speed... not really for sale, but my arm can be twisted. maroon with black and white cloth interior. hella round lights. MOVED SAFELY, almost registered

87 TD gray with maroon tex no third row seat. HAS ORIGINAL TRAP OX! 3 dead cylinders, currently not starting... also not really for sale, but arm twisting can do wonders. MOVED SAFELY

I'll think more tomorrow and see what I have...

email for list of other make vehicles if wanted...
John HAUL AWAY, OR CRUSHED CARS!!! HELP ME keep the cars out of the crusher! A/C Thread
"as I ride with my a/c on... I have fond memories of sweaty oily saturdays and spewing R12 into the air. THANKS for all you do!

My drivers:
1987 190D 2.5Turbo
1987 190D 2.5Turbo
1987 190D 2.5-5SPEED!!!

1987 300TD
1987 300TD
1994GMC 2500 6.5Turbo truck... I had to put the ladder somewhere!

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