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Interesting comment. If I used that same logic, then I should assume it would be OK for the thermostat to have a wide fluctuation threshhold temperature as well. Yet the thermostat appears to open at 82deg by design.

Using your logic it would be good to put a 100deg thermostat in the car.

I'm not going to argue the point. I have presented my reasoning and I believe it is sound. What you appear to be saying is that MB engineers always engineer components and systems better than anyone in the world. One would just have to look at their new car satisfaction surverys to see that is not the case.

There are components in the car that are engineered magnificently. There are components that are engineered very poorly and leave consideralbe room for improvement. That's not just my opinion, but car manufactureres as a whole as evidenced by systems designed by high-end car makers.

A good example of a pathetically designed component is the OVP relay. Not even a first year EE major would come up with a design like the one in the OVP. What makes it stand out is how important this component is to the proper running of the entire car's system. To compound the frustration is the fact that MB has taken 2.00 dollars worth of parts (I am being generous) and put it in a package they mark up several thousand percent.

Would you have criticized my post if I had suggested that you can buy a set of struts that would give a better ride? After all, it's just another engineer trying to improve on something. Or has MB already designed the perfect ride and there is no room for improvement?

As for expensive, the parts were 10 dollars.

You have stated your opinion not based on data, but your own "prejudice" as evidenced by your "rice rocket" comment. Why do I have wire insulation that is cracking? Because either the wire harness is poorly made (possible room for improvement) or because the engine temps are getting hot enough causing it to break down and crack.

When someone can give me some data showing it is "bad" for a M103 to run between 82C and 95C then I will acknowledge I was wrong and remove my mod. Until then it stays and continue to be improved.


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