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Originally posted by Mike Murrell

Like DOC said, you likely have bad rotors(warped perhaps). I went through a similar situation with my 126 car about a year ago.

Competent indy garage changed out all rotors and pads - used OEM parts. From highway speed while braking, I experienced front-end shudder.

Took the car back, The owner ordered another set of front rotors. Same thing, Took it back again, This time he reordered both front and rear rotors. Same thing. Reordered another set(all the way around) AGAIN! Finally got it this time.

Apparently his supplier(Caliber MB - Anaheim, Calif) had a bad batch of rotors - some sort of production issue I suppose. It happens.

My 2 cents.
Exactly. My dad was a mechanic for a large oil company his whole working career, and I learned about working on cars since I was a young kid (I was the six year old holding the wrench ). Warped rotors were a pet peave of his. Brand new rotors are frequently not perfectly round out of the box. For every pair of rotors he purchased, he would take them to a shop and have them turned. Every time the mechanic or shop would look at him like he was a fool and an idiot. The look on their faces would say "why are you turning perfectly good brand new rotors????".

I'm telling you that most of the time the rotors were out of round. The guy running the mill would always admit that he couldn't believe it, but that he would probably check for out-of-roundness on new rotors in the future.

I'm willing to bet that your rotors may have been out of round from the box.
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