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I called my "trusted" mechanic and inquired about replacing the B2 piston. His wife (she sounds knowledgeable) always answers the phone said that the transmission (87 124 300D- 99,000 miles) has to be pulled and since it is already out, it should be rebuilt.

Ever since he missed a tranny leak that I told where the leak was and he replaced some other seal, I have questioned his judgement. I took the car back and said the leak was where I originally said it was and he said you are right.

I have experienced no problems with the tranny, but I do not want to have the unit fail in the middle of nowehre, where things like this usually happen, in my case at least.

Is my mechanic's wife justified to say I should completely rebuild?
We are talking major bucks.

Has anyone replaced the B2 piston on a 124? Can the tranny be "persuaded" to move enough while still on the vehicle to get at the B2 piston?

Any thoughts appreciated - Ron
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