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Whoa! I need more facts've uncovered a rare, never-before reported version of the AMG Hammer!!

The original Hammer was based on the 1987 300E, with the 5.6-liter W126 engine dropped in and bored out to an even 6-liters. 32-valve heads were grafted on and 365hp came out of it all. Good for 180mph, if you had the roadway.

AMG attempted to bring a limited series production to the States in answer to all the magazine hype the European car received. So a softer version was actually assembled Stateside with the 5.6-liter engine and was still called a Hammer. Of course, the full 6-liter version could be had for more money...around $160,000. Yikes!

But 7.5-liters and 500hp? Send me pictures

You will find much more to read about the real Hammer in the article archives at need2speed

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