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Unhappy Transmission problems

I've got a few problems with the transmission on my '88 560sec.

Firstly, the gear changes are very hard. I believe this can be changed by adjusting the vacuum thingy on the side of the trans (does anyone have any pictures of this, as I cannot find any info on the transmission on the cd's)

Secondly, (which might be related to the first and third problems), the selector switch for the sport/economy mode on the trans doesn't work, and I'm sure that it is stuck in sports mode as it does not like changing up a gear until I release the pressure slightly on the accelerator. Does anyone know if this is likely just to be a faulty switch, or is there some other way or disabling this feature?

Thirdly, when driving around 30/40mph and the revs hit 1,500RPM the engine judders (like when you hold it in 2nd gear reach 80mph but not as violent). It doesn't register on the rev counter, but it feels like you are pressing and releasing the accelerator pedal quickly. It is much more noticeable in 2nd and 3rd and seems to be when it wants to change up a gear, but it also happens in 4th.

Oh, the car has done 176,000 miles

I know its rather a long post, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Lane
1984 500SEC
1988 560SEC
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