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I completely understand your frustration, I've had that level of frustration before with various machines and systems.

I saw one unemotional post in this thread, and it was the one by suginami.

My KE has been completely trouble free, so I know that there is at least one that works. If you think you are having headaches now, just start doing a serious modification such as those suggested here, then you will have plenty of headaches.

Going to a carburetor would be a giant step backwards IMHO. I am a real fan of the Holly, they are very tunable, but face it, a carburetor is an antique device. Do you think we would have 3,500 pound cars getting over 25 MPG if we were still using carburetors? Not a chance.

Additionally, I believe one of the main reasons we see such good engine longevity these days is fuel injection. Cold weather start ups with a carburetor inevitably dribble raw fuel on the cylinder walls, washing away the much needed oil. Fuel Injection rarely allows this to happen.

I would really encourage you to take it to Brotherton or Donnie for a diagnosis. In the long run, you will be money, time and frustration ahead.

Best of luck,
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