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It's a little difficult for me to justify throwing thousands of dollars worth of diagnosis time and ridiculously expensive components into a $3000 car! I have spent more time studying the repair cd and searching for info on this thing than it deserves. I spent the better part of Sunday adjusting the airflow plate and the plunger height. Finally had to jump pins 7 & 8 on the fuel pump relay just to get it to start. Put the relay back in , the car runs 10 seconds and dies. Starts right back up, runs good. Tuck the OVP and fuel pump relays back in their places and it dies. Shortage?? I strip the sheathing from the wiring harness from the CIS-E, OVP and fuel relays all the way to the engine sensors and controls. I check each wire for shorts. All are fine. All relays and CIS-E have been replaced. There is nowhere else to go with this system, except the trash can.
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