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Thanks everybody

Thanks everybody for all the good help. Someone has cut a wire/cable that leads to a box mounted to the fender on the left side of the car.
It's like this , I took my car in for oil change and all was fine, used a discount for new customers and tried a different MBZ service center than I usually use. My radio is always on.

When I left it didn't work. I should have returned immediately.

After posting to this site, I opened the hood and found this cable has been "shaved" to expose and cut through all the wire shielding, and the center wire as well! Only being held together by a few strands. Such a sloppy job, and very obvious too. Insulation and reminants of the braded wire sheilding from a two inch section is just laying all arround the fender. The cable is easily removed from the box by simply unpluging it. I can't see immediately what this person had in mind. ???

I am going back to see if it is a single strand of the sheild wire or the center wire that is holding things together. or is everything tangeled together.

Does anybody know what the cable is fore. My first guess is that it looks something like a cable that goes to the radio antenna.

More information is comming. I'll get a better description of the "box" and any part numbers on it.
Thanks again.
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